Witchcliffe Eco Village

Witchcliffe Eco Village is targeting carbon negative buildings as described in their design guidelines.  Our streamlined life cycle assessment app will be used to easily measure the life cycle environmental performance of your designs.  

Why was the app created?

  • The eTool business, like Witchcliffe Ecovillage is passionate about the planet
  • Life cycle design is an amazing tool for reducing environmental impacts cost effectively
  • Demand was growing strongly and there was a gap in the market for residential buildings
  • The potential is incredible, by applying life cycle design in your design it’s easy to achieve very low carbon outcomes.  Australia could save over 20MtCO2 per year with life cycle design.  That’s 740 billion ballons full of of CO2 gas we can prevent!

What is RapidLCA? 

RapidLCA gathers your design inputs and estimates the life cycle environmental and cost impacts.  The app streamlines Life Cycle Assessment, an otherwise very complex process bringing life cycle design to everybody. 

  • Environmental and cost optimisation
  • Whole building, whole of life
  • Aligned with international standards
  • Fast and cost effective

There is more information about the app in the Why RapidLCA support post.

How does it work? 

Built for you, the app gives incredibly accurate environmental performance feedback on your design in just 20 minutes.  It accessed on any browser or downloaded as an app on IOS or Android smart phones.  The app itself will guide you through the process of your LCA (see below for how the app is accessed across web, Android and Apple Devices).  Here is a summary video that explains the process briefly.  

Witchcliffe EcoVillage Targets 

Witchcliffe Eco Village have set carbon target beyond zero.  That is, each home in the village over its life cycle will avoid or offset more greenhouse gas emissions than it produces.  The scope of the life cycle assessment is outlined in the below diagram.  The specific target that has been set is -220kgCO2e / occupant / year.  The app (at present) expresses this as a percentage saving verse a benchmark residence, the target being a 105% saving.

Accessing the App

You can access the app at RapidLCA.app in any modern web browser. See detailed installation instruction for installs the app on your mobile devices here.

Start Modelling!

Click the link below to open RapidLCA and start modelling.

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