Reporting Results

Once you’ve completed your RapidLCA model. You can generate shareable reports in the Results page. Below are examples of what these reports look like.

In the Results Summary, you can either generate reports by clicking on the ‘Reports’ button or share the result infographics by clicking on the ‘Share’ button.


The ‘Reports’ button will give you 3 report options:

1. The Compliance Checklist report (only available for applicable developments)

2. The Life Cycle Assessment Report

3. The Carbon Performance Report

Send Report

To send the reports, click on the ‘Send’ button. By default you can send the reports to all collaborators on the study or you can add additional recipients by email. You can also customise your email message.

Shareable Infographics

The ‘Share’ button on the other hand, will generate a bunch of infographics that you’ll be able to share on your platform of choice or invite others to view it as a collaborator.

Shareable Link

After you’ve reviewed the preview, click on the ‘Next’ button to generate the shareable link. You’ll be able to refine the visibility of the link too.

Below is an example of what info will be shared about the project.

Invite Others to View or Edit

Inviting others to view or edit your design requires inviting them to join as a collaborator.

Access level for each collaborator can be controled here.

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