Canberra Low Carbon Housing Challenge

Below for RapidLCA guidance for the Low Carbon Housing Challenge, for more information regarding other elements of the competition click here.

Introduction to RapidLCA for CLCHC:

RapidLCA Demo for CLCHC:

Competition Targets:

The project team has defined the following carbon reduction outcomes:

  • 33% or more reduction – Good
  • 50% – Excellent
  • 100% – Outstanding

We have set the carbon reduction “target” in RapidLCA to a minimum carbon reduction of 33% but all applications are welcome as the competition wants to educate the market as well as award leading practice.

Competition Submissions:

To submit your entry please follow the guidance below:

  1. Register with RapidLCA
  2. Model your designs
  3. Prepare your supporting documentation
    • Entrant Checklist
    • General Arrangement Drawings
    • CLCHC Poster, templates available here
    • Thermal Rating Certificate Extract
    • Single Page Supporting Information
  4. “Submit” your design in RapidLCA. At this point you will be prompted for payment of $60 and the app will request that you upload the above documents
  5. Repeat above steps for each design you would like to enter

Note that you can also “Redesign” your project after initial submission up to the date of the competition close. The “Submit a Design” support article provides further details (there is an example of a Canberra Low Carbon Housing Competition submission with supporting documentation in the second part of the video).

Competition Support

For more information regarding the competition click here. Reach out to the competition registrar at for enquiries about the rules etc.

RapidLCA Support


The new RapidLCA support site is the starting point for training.

Demo Video:

Demonstration video specific to Canberra Low Carbon Housing Challenge included above or on youtube here.


For RapidLCA support please reach out to

Useful Help Articles:

Start Modelling!

Click the link below to open RapidLCA and start modelling.

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