Reset a Design

Task: Reset the design back to the “baseline” (or in other words, your original starting point with default selections) Experience level: Some prior knowledge useful Installation Instructions Quick Start Demo Instructions: From the “My Builds” view, navigate to the design’s Results view Select the “Redesign” button to navigate to the “Enter Design Info” view (note … Read more

Submit a Design

Task: How to submit your completed design, make subsequent changes and resubmit. Experience level: Some prior knowledge useful: Installation Instructions Quick Start Demo Instructions: Steps to Submit: Model your designs Prepare your supporting documentation (if applicable) Navigate to the results view of the design (via the builds view) Click “Submit” to your design in RapidLCA. At … Read more

Password Recovery

Task: Recover your password if you have lost or forgotten it. Experience Level: Anybody. Instructions: If you have forgotten your password you may recover it with a few simple steps: Attempt your login at If your details are incorrect you will be informed and presented with a new link to “Recover Password” Enter your new … Read more

City of Vincent

City of Vincent is acting on climate change with its latest Built Form Policy. For most buildings there are now requirements to demonstrate sustainable design outcomes either through a Green Star Assessment or with calculated life cycle carbon and water reductions. After a pilot program during which time RapidLCA was used to demonstrate the life … Read more

Witchcliffe Eco Village

Witchcliffe Eco Village is targeting carbon negative buildings as described in their design guidelines.  Our streamlined life cycle assessment app will be used to easily measure the life cycle environmental performance of your designs.   Why was the app created? The eTool business, like Witchcliffe Ecovillage is passionate about the planet Life cycle design is an amazing … Read more

RapidLCA Electricity Grid Impacts

Summary: This knowledge base article explains how RapidLCA accounts for grid electricity. Experience Level: It is anticipated that only a small number of experienced users will need this information. Good prior knowledge would be an understanding of National Greenhouse Gas Reporting standards and the “EN15978 Sustainability of construction works – Assessment of environmental performance of … Read more

Quick Start Demo

RapidLCA is very easy to use and should be largely self explanatory. The below 10 minute demo video provides guidance on modelling and optimising a simple residential design showing how easy it is to achieve low carbon design with RapidLCA.

Canberra Low Carbon Housing Challenge

Below for RapidLCA guidance for the Low Carbon Housing Challenge, for more information regarding other elements of the competition click here. Introduction to RapidLCA for CLCHC: RapidLCA Demo for CLCHC: Competition Targets: The project team has defined the following carbon reduction outcomes: 33% or more reduction – Good 50% – Excellent 100% – Outstanding We … Read more